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In Memory of Jack "Drag-N-Snag" Stewart

Jack R. Stewart long time Big Shanty Bassmaster passed away at his home January 6, 2024 surrounded by his wife and family after a long illness.

Jack joined Big Shanty back in 1992/1993 time frame and was a top "Back Seater" as we called them back in that day at every tournament. He was a quite angler and most of the time you wouldn't've know he was in the back of the boat until your hear "FISH ON IN THE BACK END OF THE BOAT".

He was a methodical angler who excelled on a technique that, in my opinion was the fore front of the Shakey Head technique we know of today as "Drag-N- Snag". You see, as the Boater was casting towards targets/ shorelines/ or docks, Jack was in the back of the boat casually casting his bait out and letting it Drag behind the boat. And he put a whopping on us when that bite was on.

When he wasn't fishing, he loved playing poker and John Wayne movies and spending time with his family and four legged kids his dobermans, Max, Buddy and JoJo and Ozzy.

Jack is survived by his wife, Barbara, and 4 children ( Mark, Patti, Michael and Teri) and his Big Shanty Family and Poker playing buddies.

A Celebration of life is planned for May 18th, 2024.


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