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Big Shanty Winter tip of the Month

What would you do if you fall into the water today? Here's a little helpful tip that we hope you WONT have to use.

And Yes I forgot to mention I do have a dry pair of jeans in that bag.

Like I said I throw this in my boat around October and pull it out probably right around Memorial Day. Before I put it back in for the next fall winter season, I pull the clothes' out and make sure they still fit and or maybe add another garment or two. In fact I have a jacket that I'm thinking of replacing and I just might throw it in here as well. The Vacuum bag stays deflated pretty much throughout the season and also it keep your clothes dry. I do have a " Go Bag" I call it that I keep my rain suit in and other hand warmers in that are easily associable.

Another thing you might to to place in your kit, is waterproof matches and some fire starters.

These will help get a fire going on shore and provide some much needed warmth. These can be found at Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware and Amazon.

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